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About Us ::

Spaulding International Cinema produces high definition digital cinema for film, TV, web and commercial outlets. SIC couples cutting edge digital production technologies with artistic perspectives to produce unique films that capture the beauty of our world from unexpected vantage points.

The SIC team is composed of energetic and outgoing individuals who are passionate about relaying the beauty of our world and it’s people through digital cinema.  We strive to balance our commercial work with projects that benefit the welfare of those with whom we may work.

Now Selling – The Ghost – An Electronic Camera Stabilizer.

Spaulding International Cinema (SIC) is based in the beautiful valley of Missoula, MT. We freelance our services for projects small and large. We will film everything from Feature Films to small local Commercials and Real Estate Properties.

SIC is a full production house. We begin with the idea, conceptualize, pre-produce, produce and film everything needed, and even edit the final product. We own and operate full array of HD video cameras and professional audio equipment. Please visit our Equipment page for more details.

Although we are a full production house, we specialize in Aerial Filming and Photography. We fly the “Cinestar” which is a 6-rotored remote aerial platform. The Cinestar is easy travel with, safe, quiet, cost effective, and produces amazing video and photos. We can be up in the air within minutes and get you that beautiful and unique aerial perspective. We will shoot anywhere in the world and any type of subject from Feature Films, Documentaries, TV shows, Commercials, Weddings, or Real Estate. The sky is not even the limit!

SIC designs and produces professional camera equipment. We are now selling The Ghost, which is an electric camera stabilizer. The Ghost is like a steadicam, but much easier to operate. The Ghost is light weight, durable, and allows for very smooth cinematic shots. You don’t need to be a professional steadicam operator to purchase the Ghost. The Ghost will turn you into a professional operator. You can also attach the Ghost to an aerial platform to achieve the smoothest aerial footage. There are a couple other companies producing a similar product, but we are trying to produce the most affordable, electronic camera stabilizer on the market. This, however, does not mean we are lowering the quality of the Ghost. The construction is full carbon fiber with stable electronics and some of the best brushless motors on the market. View more information on The Ghost here: http://sicvisuals.com/about-the-ghost/

Take your filmmaking to a new level and purchase The Ghost.

SIC’s Philosophy: To create films that convey the wonder and beauty surrounding all of us.


Spaulding International Cinema President/CEO:  Jesse Spaulding