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Spaulding International Cinema specializes in aerial cinematography using a mulitrotored aerial platform. Our highly maneuverable Hexacopter can fly almost anywhere to provide intimate views of the subject. The multirotor captures an aerial perspective that will captivate and amaze any audience or customer.
Two Operators! One person pilots the multirotor, while the other monitors the live video feed and pans and tilts the camera mount to keep the subject in frame. Our camera mount also has a roll stabilization to keep level horizons.

We can mount many different types of cameras on our aerial platform. We mostly fly SLR’s but can balance a variety of different cameras on the Ghost Camera Stabilizer to get the shots you need.

Instant results!  After each flight we will preview and critique the footage until we have the exact shot you’re looking for.  All digital video files can be easily viewed, transferred and edited.

cinestar sillouete

Why Choose A Drone vs. A Real Helicopter

Less Logistics – The Drone/Multirotor Helicopter is small and easy to travel with.  Shots can be achieved with only one person, however, we fly with a second camera operator to control the pan and tilt camera mount. To achieve the same results with a helicopter you need a pilot, helicopter, large gyro stabilizer, an aerial camera operator, large landing pad, and a fuel truck. And if you’re going somewhere overseas or remote, a full sized helicopter might not be practical.

More Access – We can take the multirotor pretty much anywhere. We can fly in remote locations, under and over tree canopies, in or outside of houses. Full Sized Helicopters just can’t quite get those shots.

Cheaper – Although our equipment is very expensive, the multirotor is much less expensive than a helicopter. Between the equipment and only two ground operators, we are able to keep our costs down and charge much less than a real helicopter.

Time Efficient – The multirotor can be up and filming within minutes. If long distance travel is involved, the multirotor can break down into a pelican case and be put together in an hour.

Intimate Shots – The multirotor is quiet with very little rotor wash, so it’s easy to get close to subjects. We can fly through your neighborhood without ever disturbing your neighbors.

Safer – Many people die in helicopter accidents every year. The multirotor is operated from the ground, so as long as a safe distance is maintained there should never be an accident.

Environmentally Friendly – This might be the least of your worries when you’re trying to get the perfect shot, but the multirotor is battery operated creating zero emissions. Flight times can range from 5-20 minutes, but we always travel with multiple batteries.
Within the United states, the FAA requires RC/unmanned aircrafts to stay below a maximum height of 400 feet. We can operate the multirotor further than the eye can see, however, we try to keep all shots within eye-sight.