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Ghost Pro II – Pre-Order Sale

Take advantage of our Pre-order sale for the Ghost Pro II. This is a Pre Order because we are finishing up production and should be able to ship in 2-3 weeks. The Pro II has several advantages over previous models.

  • Quick release top grip bar: This allows the gimbal to break down easily for travel.
  • Adjustable grip positions
  • Rail markings for precise balancing
  • Built in Electronics
  • Hidden Wires
  • Included hard case
  • New PMS motors – These customized motors operate much smoother than brushless motors on the market
  • Tool free balancing: The Pro II incorporates all quick release levers and nobs for easy adjusting. Every axis can be balanced without tools.
  • Auto tune available in the software


There are so many awesome features packed into this gimbal, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of the Pre-Order Sale.

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New Gimbal Coming in January

We have been developing our newest patent pending model of the Ghost and hope to release it in January. The new model will be better than ever, so keep checking back through the holidays for updates on the new development. Until the release we will be posting sneak peaks of the production process. Feel free to share your input on what you would like to see in future models. Happy Holidays!Rail marking

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1 Year Ago

1 Year ago we released the first Ghost.

1 Year ago we released the first Ghost.

Hey Ghost Operators and Ghost Fans,

We have some exciting news!

Spaulding International Cinema has been producing Ghosts for the public for exactly one year. One year ago, July 10th, 2013, we launched our Kickstarter to bring The Ghost to you. We’re been slowly updating The Ghost as we go, finding better settings, better mechanics, and more options for our customers. And now, we’re ecstatic to tell you we’re releasing a new model: The Ghost V2.

So, what’s new about it?

We’ve updated all the mechanics. The Ghost is now stronger and easier to use. We’ve made balancing a cinch by adding adjustable knobs.

The handle bar is now one continuous piece of carbon fiber with new grips. This makes it stronger and lighter.

The back roll bar has been swapped out for a stronger aluminum bar with easy adjusting and no slipping.

We’ve housed the Pan motor in a protective enclosure so it’s not supporting all the camera weight and doesn’t need to work as hard.

We’ve also encased the electronics in small aluminum cases. So now, there is less bulk in the back.

The Mode Switch has been relocated, isn’t as bulky, and has 5 programmable modes.

We will be posting photos on our Facebook and Instagram and blogs as we get closer to the release date. The Ghost V2 should be ready to ship by the end of July.


We’re also launching a new and improved web store: www.ghostgimbals.com


Firmware Update

Hey All,

A firmware update is available for the 32-bit boards. It’s 2.41b4. We’ve tested it and we’re happy to say that it works really well.

Check it out here: http://www.basecamelectronics.com/downloads/32bit/

Here is a list of the New Features, Changes in Settings, and Bugfixes.

New features

  • New button command “Frame upside-down”. Use it to quickly re-configure system for new frame position (YAW motor is inverted, second IMU orientation is updated).
  • “Beep by motors” option: motors emit sound instead of internal buzzer, when motors are energized.
  • Lost of synchronization detection:
    • better recovery from this mode
    • notification by LED and buzzer (enable “Errors” checkbox in the “Service” tab)
  • Smooth motor start at power-on
  • Option to disable RC limits in SPEED mode (set min=max)
  • Improved PID and IMU algorithms lets to achieve precision +-0.06 degree in dynamics, +-0.02 degree in static
  • Stable work at bigger ROLL angles (system keep stability up to +-80 degree for ROLL inclination)
  • Short beep on each press of menu button (if buzzer confirmation mode is enabled in GUI)
  • (GUI) New extended debug variables RMS_ERR_X, FREQ_X helps to detect problems caused by oscillations
  • (GUI) New “Erase EEPROM” menu command
  • (GUI) Profile name is stored in the board after renaming. Max. 48 ASCII characters allowed (or less, if national characters used)
  • (GUI) New option in the RC tab: “INIT.ANGLE” to set initial angle of the camera at system startup, if RC control is not applied.

Changes in settings (you need to take it into account when using profiles, saved for previous version)

  • Follow speed rate is decreased 4x times, range is increased to 0..255, to make adjustments finer.
  • Range for I setting was increased 2x times (old 0.01 equals new 0.02).
  • Range for P, D setting was increased 4x times (values will be updated automatically after upgrading).
  • Upper limit for PID values increased to 255 (2.55 for I).
  • Upper limit for RC speed was increased to 255 and its effect was decreased 4x times to get finer step in adjustment.


  • Changing sensor orientation in GUI does not reset calibration data.
  • Fixed problems with RC control in Follow mode and Follow<->Lock transition.
  • Battery voltage sensor drifting with time issue was fixed (but may be required to re-calibrate it).
  • Bugfix: calibrate poles and direction did not work as expected.
  • Add UART parity setting auto-detection from firmware side. Together with GUI auto-detection, it allows to connect Bluetooth modules with Parity=No|Even (but with Parity=No, module doesn”t allow to upgrade firmware).
  • PID distribution between motors is more correct when frame is picthed and if ROLL and YAW motors differs a lot.
  • Bug with the Serial Control fixed (board hangs after first command sent via Serial API).
  • IMU: better handling of corrupted sensor data (wrong calibration, vibration, accelerated motion, etc.) and faster reach of settle point.
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Custom Case

There’s been some interest in custom cases for The Ghost. We’re working on getting them produced, but if you can’t wait, the iM2750 Pelican Storm series works great. You can pluck the foam yourself and the case will fit your Ghost, some batteries, a stand, and other extras.

photo 1 photo 2



Ghost Review

Silvertip Films has posted a Ghost Review and behind the scenes footage of a shoot with Victoria Tansey, dancer and circus performer.

They’ve been using The Ghost the way we intended, getting those dynamic shots at low production costs without interrupting the flow of the shoot.

“It is the ultimate filmmaking tool,” says Tom Blout of Silvertip Films. That was our goal and we’re stoked to hear that someone agrees! Thanks, Tom!

Check out the Ghost Review here!

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Grow a Ghost

For Earth Day, the SIC Team decided that we are going to try to Grow a Ghost!

This would save us lots of time and money and we would be saving the planet, one Ghost at a time. Maybe if we water it enough, we can grow a larger model! It only makes sense that since plants breathe Carbon, that they could produce Carbon Fiber, right? 😉

Okay….Just kidding. But, we do try to be as green as we can by minimizing waste in production, using LED lightbulbs, composting, using low flow-toilets and faucet aerators, etc.


Hannah trying to Grow a Ghost

[imageeffect type="shadowreflection" align="aligncenter" width="800" height="500" alt="The Ghost in Moscow" link="http://sicvisuals.com/ghost-moscow/" url="http://sicvisuals.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/5X3A4252+.jpg" ]

The Ghost in Moscow

The Ghost has made it to Moscow!

One of our customers exhibited The Ghost at the Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo (http://en.cepexpo.ru/visitors/) a few weekends ago in Moscow.

Here’s a photo of The Ghost in Moscow with one of their models:





Joystick Prototype

Would you use a joystick with your Ghost?

We got great responses to our joystick prototype at NAB. It’s small, lightweight, and positioned in an ideal location.

The joystick sits on the top grip bar, making it easy for operation with one thumb as you hold your Ghost. It is programmed to move The Ghost in both Lock Mode and Follow Mode. The joystick allows you to correct your position in Lock Mode or compensate for movement in Follow Mode. You can also switch modes with the joystick by pressing the toggle. This will make it easy to change modes on the fly.

Check it out here: Joystick Prototype


The Ghost at NAB

What a week! NAB was an awesome experience for the SIC Team. We met some inspiring people and saw some pretty neat gadgets. We had great responses at NAB and we’re excited to show you all what’s next. Stay tuned for some updates.

In the mean time, here’s a short recap video of The Ghost at NAB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hijHkQSXnM

What were some of your favorites at NAB?