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Calibrating Accelerometer

This video talks you through how to calibrate you accelerometer, otherwise know as your sensor. Your Ghost will achieve the best results when your sensor is calibrated for all six positions. There are six sides to the sensor, so the Goal is to calibrate for all six sides facing up. You need to begin with the position the sensor will be mounted in. After calibrating all 6 sides “write” it to the control board. If you mount your sensor in a different position you need to make sure to adjust those setting in the software.

Instructions on calibrating the ACC can also be found in the instruction downloaded from here: http://sicvisuals.com/manual/

For more instructional videos please go here: Instructional Videos.  We are constantly adding/updating instructional videos to make the operating and adjusting of the Ghost as simple as possible.

If your questions are not answered in either place please refer to the FAQ page