Equipment SIC most often uses


Cameras : :
Our primary camera is the Canon 5D Mark II, a digital single lens reflex camera that records high definition video (1920 x 1080 pixels) on a native 35mm chip.  By varying the lenses and lighting style, we can achieve different moods, from a shallow depth of field with a filmic look to crisp wide angle shots.
We also shoot on: Sony NEX 5n, Rebel T2i, Panasonic & Sony XDCAMS, Sony HDR-PJ710
Audio : :
Sennheiser wireless lavaliers, Rode audio/video mic, Zoom H4n, Juicedlink Mixer

Lenses : :
Available Canon lenses include, among others:
Zoom: 10-15mm F/2.8
Zoom: 24-105mm F/4.0
Prime: 50mm F/1.4
Prime: 200mm F/2.8
Zoom: 150-500 F/5.6

Time-Lapse Dolly : :
The remotely-controlled dolly can be programmed for real time or slow motion imaging to capture stunning, time-lapse cinematography.


Cinestar & Octocopter : :
These remotely-controlled flying robots allows us to capture steady aerial video. The remotely-controlled flying camera can follow the most mobile of subjects or provide panoramic vistas from elevations up to 400 feet.  They are small, easy to transport, quiet, and efficiently captures those hard-to-reach shots.  Our Camera mount is separately operated to achieve perfect framing.

Zip-line : :
A 100ft zip-line can be rigged for horizontal or vertical shots.

Steadicam : : This camera stabilizer is used for achieved smooth, flowing shots on the ground. Best used for following subjects or real-estate virtual tours.

The Ghost : : A motorized 3-axis camera stabilizer. Please view more information here: