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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


If your gimbal is having an issue please plug it into the software because often times the GUI will tell you what the error is at the bottom of the screen.


Question: Where can I find the Manual?

Answer: http://sicvisuals.com/manual/


Question: Do I need to balance the Ghost like a steadicam?

Answer: You do need to balance your camera on the Ghost for the most efficient operation. The newest models have all quick release levers so balancing can be done in minutes.


Question: Can the Ghost be used with two operators?

Answer: Yes. You can connect a Receiver (RX) to the main control board for a second operator to remotely control the pan and tilt movements.


Question: Can the Ghost be used by a single operator?

Answer: Yes. The Ghost is most easily operated in the “follow mode” by a single operator. In the follow mode the camera follows the operator’s moments slowly and smoothly.


Question: The Ghost won’t stabilize without a camera attached. Are the motors not strong enough? Do I have the settings programed wrong?

Answer: The Ghost will not function without the camera properly balanced on the gimbal. Please follow the balancing procedures before operating.


Question: Why am I getting a buzzing or vibrating from the Ghost on the stand.

Answer: Sometimes the vibrating will go away when you pick the Ghost up. Make sure everything is perfectly balanced. You can also tweak the settings for your cameras specific weight. If you are getting vibrating it means the motors are programmed for a heavier setup, so the P and D settings should be lowered. Usually it’s only the pitch motor and you can lower the P and D values until the vibrating stops. You can also lower the “Power” if you have a really light camera. If the values get too low, this can negatively affect the performance of you Ghost, so find a happy medium in your settings.


Question: My motors wont engage and I have a blinking green light on the control board

Answer: You probably need to calibrate the sensor in the software


Question: My Pan and Tilt Axis don’t point straight.

Answer: You can adjust the offset in software under the “follow mode”. You may also want to re-calibrate the sensor.


Question: My roll axis is offset/crooked

Answer: Make sure your camera is properly balanced. You can also recalibrate the sensor for level for a level position. Overtime the sensor (ACC) needs to be recalibrate for the best performance.


Question: My gimbal is shaking

Answer: Sometimes the shaking will stop after you pick it up off of the stand. However, you will also want to customize the PID values in the software for your particular camera. If your gimbal is shaking or buzzing then you will want to lower the power and PID values.


Question: My Pan Axis slowly moves on me when everything is still.

Answer: Recalibrate your gyro. This can also be done by turning your Ghost off and on. Make sure to keep your Ghost still for 5-8 seconds at start-up.


If some of the steps in the manual are confusing please refer to our Instructional Videos.  We are trying to constantly add more instructional videos to make the operating and adjusting of the Ghost as simple as possible.

If your questions are still not answered you can view the ongoing conversations in our Forum and ask your own question if it’s not covered already.