The Ghost

The Ghost is a 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer for DSLR’s and other video cameras between 1 and 10 pounds. Order HERE

The Ghost has three (3) motorized axis all working together to stabilize the camera. The Ghost is easily adjustable for properly balancing all three axis. The control boards have protective cases and the brushless motors are enclosed. We also sell the Ghost with a pre-programmed mode switch. The mode switch allows the operator to choose between different shooting modes. We have the “Lock Mode” where the camera always stays in a fixed positions. We have a “Follow Mode” where the camera slowly tracks your movements for panning or tilting. We have another mode where you can “Set Tilt Angles By Hand,” which is perfect for getting those artsy canted shots. You can also program the Ghost to operate off of a joystick or a remote control. The Ghost has unlimited possibilities for operation. Unleash your creativity, and take your films to a new level with The Ghost.  Order NOW from our online store HERE  


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