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Great video imagery is uplifting. We are focused on innovating technology and services to enable delivery of great drone and handheld video artistry.
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Spaulding International Cinema

SIC is the designer and manufacturer of the Ghost camera stabilizers. We are passionate filmmakers who want the beauty of our world shared through film in the most artistic and creative way. The Ghost allows stories to be told with unrestricted camera movement from the ground to the air. The Ghost is a 3-axis brushless camera gimbal that will unleash your creativity.

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We now have a gimbal for every size camera and pocketbook.
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Drone Services

We use our custom integrated drones euipped with the latest sensors to capture beautiful artistic cinematographic footage

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Ghost Gimbals

Get that perfect shot every time with one of our Ghost Gimbals

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Drone Videography Training

Join us for a custom training program. Learn video artistry using specialized drones and Ghost Gimbals

Drone Videography Training